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My name is Thomas Laux and I'm the owner and photographer of Blue Moon Imagination Photography. Taking photos of all types is a real passion of mine and portrait photography is a particular favorite.

Today in the age of digital imaging it seems like the art of the image has been lost in favor of shooting away and hoping for the best, giving a whole pile of average snapshots instead of true photographs. In contrast I favor the combination of the perfect location, the right time of day to capture the best light and a subject that wants to be comfortable and have fun. The results can be stunning.

I love shooting seniors who want to put together a package of photo remembrances of their high school time. I love shooting little ones who can be so unpredictable that their pictures will bring a smile for years to come. Mostly I just love working with people and showing them what's possible with a camera, a little creativity and imagination and a whole lot of fun.

If you're looking for a different experience the next time you want to capture some memories please give me a call.

Thomas Laux
Owner / Photographer
Blue Moon Imagination Photography
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